Instructors & show:
* Osmar Perrones - "Yamulee Dance Company" (USA)
* Karel Flores - "Yamulee Dance Company" (USA)
*Max Tripicchio - "Tropical Gem" (Italy)
*Francesca Croce- "Tropical Gem"(Italy)
*Eric Lalta- "Salsa Dance Squad" (Holland)
* Omar Lovert - "Salsa Dance Squad" (Holland)
*Sally Mambi- "Salsa Dance Squad" (Holland)
*Leon Rose (UK)
*Noemie Millon(France)
*DavidLartist (France)
* Camela Ait Matouk (France)
* Terry Tauliaut (France)
* Cecile Ovide (France)
* AlexSalserito (Cuba)
* Wilmer NajarroMora (Cuba)
*Maria Moreno Torres(Cuba)
* Luis Zegarra (Peru-USA)
* Chistophe Leroy - "Medianoche" (France)
* Aude Latouche - "Medianoche" (France)
* Carlos Torres & "Salsa Viva" (Peru-St.Petersburg)
* "Sierra Maestra" (St.Petersburg)
* "Tequila Dance" (St.Petersburg)

*Gaby (France)
*Willy (France)
*Alex (Cuba)
*Asya (Russia)

The list of the participants will be supplemented

Instructors & show:

Osmar Perronesand Karel Flores
"Yamulee Dance Company"
Osmar Perrones , director of Yamulee Dance Company began his dancing career in 1994 under the guidance of Wilton Beltre. He has been a member of The Descarga Latina Dance Company, The Fuerza Latina Dance Company, Combinacion Magica, and was senior instructor/choreographer of Santo Rico Dance Company. As a dancer he has had the privilege of traveling, performing and teaching workshops in Brussels, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, California, Boston, New Jersey, The Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo), Providence, Montreal -Canada, Puerto Rico not to mention in most NYC nightclubs. In addition, Osmar has performed in videos such as; Eve´s "What y´all want", Jose Alberto "El Canario"- "Me Dejo Picao" and with other artists like Steven Falcon. He has shared the stage with artists like, El Grupo Niche, and Frankie Negron among others. From 2000-2002 Osmar participated in the off-broadway show Latin Madness. Currently, he is the director and founder of Yamulee Dance Company and supervises the student, children and professional teams.

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Max Tripicchio andFrancesca Croce
"Tropical Gem"
Tropical Gem Dance Company was founded by Rafael Gonzalez and Fernando Sosa in May 2000. The group made their debut performance just one month later at the World Salsa Congress, Milan, bringing to the stage an innovative style characterized by great strength, captivating energy, eye catching costumes and acute attention to detail. They were also recognized as one of the first dance companies in this genre to incorporate other rhythms (rumba, afro, hip-hop, etc.) into their choreographies. Since then they have quickly established themselves at the forefront of breathtaking precision dance and innovative salsa choreography.

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Eric Lalta, Omar LovertandSally Mambi
"Salsa Dance Squad"
Salsa Dance Squad, no doubt, is one of the most creative salsa dance formations in Europe. Created nearly 10 years ago, nowadays the squad consists of 65 dancers, divided in 3 dance teams. They believe that when being together, their aim is it to create the perfect dance, and trough it to form unity and harmony regardless of the age, sex or race of the dancers.
The Director of Salsa Dance Squad, Eric Lata, is the man behind the concept and choreography of wonderful shows such as The Magic Forest (2004), The Masquerade Ball (2005), Chaos (2006), The Last Dance (2007), Ayunama (2008). All performances of Salsa Dance Squad combine perfectly different music styles, beautiful steps, modern theater elements and stylish costumes.
The fascinating shows of Salsa Dance Squad, with their beautiful costumes and choreography, gain international acclaim.

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Leon Rose (UK) & Noemie Millon (France)
Leon Rose - Leon is an innovator. Embracing the sensual art of salsa, Leon has been at the vanguard of the British salsa movement, since 1997. He was first introduced to salsa by his mother, an avid fan of the style, which has its roots in African, Caribbean culture, particularly Puerto Rico and Cuba. "Mum took me to my first salsa class one Sunday at a club called Villa Stefano´s in London." Says London-born dancer and choreographer. "The following week I started classes".
Soon Leon submerged himself in the genre and was eagerly seeking out the innovators. Rose embraced salsa and delved deep into its roots. He sought out the most influential teachers in the British scene. At the time, though salsa had a loyal following, it hadn´t yet burst onto the mainstream, but thanks to the innovators who inspired Leon, salsa´s mainstream acceptance was at hand. "I was influenced by many of the top teachers in London at the time like Robert Charlemagne." He explains. "Then some teachers from LA came over like Luis Vasquez and Joby who changed our style. Nelson Flores from New York came over and started us dancing mambo."
Armed with a slew of slinky moves and intricate footwork, Leon set about adding his own unique touch to eventually develop his distinct style. Though not formally trained in any other genre of dance, his diverse Afro Caribbean heritage, as well as British upbringing proved fertile fodder for creativity. "I have never studied any other form of dance, but I do like to take ideas and concepts from (the likes of) hip hop, jazz, ballet, modern, etc."
With his natural flare, refreshing style and engaging personality, Leon was soon tapped for dance projects, including an appearance on the long-running BBC TV staple, Top of the Pops, where he performed with Spanish pop sensation, Enrique Iglesias.
A Leon Rose routine is as exhilarating to watch as it is to dance, and it seems that dance fans around the globe agree. Leon has taken his unique and innovative style to as far afield as Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He has, of course, traveled extensively in South America and the Caribbean, inspiring salsa enthusiasts to add their own unique flavor to the art form. For a British-born salsa dancer to be seen as an ambassador of the Caribbean genre is incredible, but Leon has done just that. It seems that, when it comes to his beloved genre, there are no limits. "Salsa is my life. Every day involves salsa some how. Whether it´s rehearsing for a show or jumping on a plane to go teach in another country..." He enthuses. "I´m in another world when I´m creating and each time I dance, whether it´s on the dance floor, in the rehearsal studio or even on stage, I´m creating...Within salsa there is not much I won´t do...As long as I´m being true to the art and myself."
Noemie Millon - France is emerging as a dominant force in the world of Salsa with Noemie right in the forefront setting standards for others to follow. Her versatility in the dance has turned many heads as she is extremely capable of dancing most, if not all styles of Salsa and still remarkably keeping her own unique flavour. Noemie´s energy not only stands out on stage or while dancing socially but also in her classes and workshops where students always feel they have really learnt something and enjoyed doing so.
Born and raised in Normandy, Noemie comes from French and Caribbean parentage. Music has always been a big part of her life. Discovering the dance and music of Salsa, she instantly felt a hunger to learn more. Educated to bachelor degree level in Sports Management, Noemie has a deep understanding of how to push one´s body to achieve the best.
In 2002 Noemie moved to Paris and only after dancing for a short period was invited to join an all girl group called Sals´appeal. Later that year after dancing to a high standard of Cuban Salsa, she moved to London to learn English, of which she is now fluent. During this time she trained under the guidance of Leon Rose who took her to the next level. On her return to Paris in 2004 Noemie was now able to dance with anybody in any style and look good in doing so. Many of the top French groups took notice and over the next few years she performed in many worldwide congresses with Paris Salsa Gang , Uforia, U Tribe and was part of the team of the famous battle against Tropical Gem. She has been on stage as a dancer in the Leon Rose Project and more recently partnered Gordon Neil from Atlanta.
Since becoming full-time professional dancer and instructor Noemie has taught and performed globally. USA, Canada, Egypt, Guadeloupe, Morocco, French Guyana and many European countries such as Denmark, Spain or Romania are only a few of the places where she has left her mark.
Noemie continually strives to develop herself as dancer and in her classes she is always ready to help her students do the same.

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David Lartist &Camela Ait Matouk (France)
David originally from the Antilles Islands, he was born on April 25th 1972 in Paris.
A professional dancer since the age of 20, his roots are in Hip-Hop, Jazzrock, Funk, Soul, and Afro.. to name a few. It is thanks to these basics that he has created his own technique and mastered a style all his own!
It was ten years ago when David´s best friend (Amir M.) first showed him the film "Salsa", a film which demonstrated the Portorican style of salsa. David immediately became enthralled and began to dance at the MonteCristo on the Champs-Elysees where he learned the Cuban style at which he excelled.
After having traveled several times to Puerto Rico and participating in numerous international Salsa Congress´ David began to teach PortoRican salsa and has continued his passion for the last 9 years notably in Paris and Provence.
Why do we call him l´Artist? To some this could seem pretentious, but there is actually a true story behind it. The name comes from David´s childhood as a young soccer player when his coach would constantly say to him "Hey l´Artist ! Stop dancing on the field and play soccer!". Ever since then the name has stuck.

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Terry Tauliaut &Cecile Ovide
Terry Tauliaut - Terry was born in France, not far from Paris. When he was very young, his parents have moved to Guadeloupe, to Antilles Islands, the place her family came from. He took interest in dances when he was a boy, few could surpass him in the traditional Creole dance; he was very good at Hip Hop, Rap, and other styles of dances popular with young people.He was 19 years old started to dance salsa and it changed his life. He used the slightest possibility to study, went on all congresses which can reach and as a result became a champion of Guadeloupe at the age of 23. After that he was invited as a teacher by one of the most prestigious schools of Paris, the school Isis Figaro. He became a partner of Madame Isis, but for a short while as she could not dance more because of the state of her health. At this school Terry met Cecile and they began to train together and joined U Tribe, the troupe famous all over the world. Their incredible show won the hearts of many viewers. After such a great success, Terry and Cecile opened in August, 2007 their own school in Paris. Their school, Salsaliansa, is becoming increasingly popular and well known all over the world. Terry and Cecile travel a lot, and their show "Silensio" was the great success in Europe and USA and their new show, first presented at the Congress in Monaco in 2009, made a real sensation!
Cecile Ovide - Cecile was born in France to a Creole family that came from Martinique. She took up dancing when she was a young girl and very soon became a professional dancer. From the childhood she was engaged in dances and very quickly became professional. This incredible girl could do everything from Classical Ballet to Hip-Hop, to Jazz-Modern. She is an experienced salsa dancer and embraced all the styles including Casino, Los-Angeles, New-York, and Colombian Salsa.
After acquaintance to Terry at school Isis Figaro where Cecile taught for a long time already, she, like her partner, began to specialize in two salsa styles, Casino and Los-Angeles. Over one and a half years since the opening of Salsalianza, the school became the most successful and popular among the fans of these two styles of salsa. Also, Terry and Cecile give lessons of Zouk and Bachata. On these lessons there come their fans from all France and even from USA in order to participate in classes. Today Salsalianza is the most promising young Parisian couple that is even more popular then their senior colleagues, U Tribe.

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Alex Salserito (Cuba)
Alex was born in France, to a Cuban family, and started dancing salsa when he was still toddler like any real Cuban. At the age of 18 years Alex began to study at the best Cuban teachers. After returning to France, Alex himself started to teach. He traveled across France and his clear and well-adapted style of teaching very soon attracted a lot of students. With Cuban music is in his blood, he soon became a DJ in the best Parisian Casino-club, La Pachanga. And here for the past 10 years as he gives daily the lessons of Casino, and then mix music. He is much more teacher, than showman. He loves very much his students and rarely agrees to the invitations of the organizers of Salsa Congresses. But the Congress in Saint-Petersburg attracted him by its originality; and he was pleased to come to teach salsa and be a DJ in our city.


Wilmer Najarro Mora &Maria Moreno Torres (Cuba)
Wilmer Najarro Mora - Wilmer Najarro Mora was born in the Cuban capital dell´Havana September 20, 1983.
In 1994 he enrolled at the prestigious Escuela Nacional de Arte de l´Habana (ENA) in 2000 where he graduated in Bailerin Professor specializing in Cuban Folklore.
During his studies, in addition to Cuban folklore, also deepens the knowledge in the subjects of ballet, modern, contemporary and Spanish dance and joined, as a dancer in the Dance Corps Company Of The Dance TV Cubana. After graduating he then continued his artistic experience in the corps de ballet of Macumba Show de La Habana body and dance the Folklore Conjunto Nacional de Cuba.
Arrives in Italy in 2002 and joined the corps de ballet Restaurant Show "El niño de fuego" of the Marcelli Numana.

Maria Moreno Torres - Maria del Carmen Moreno Torres was born in Camaguey, Cuba, May 21, 1982.
In 1998 he enrolled at the Tropicana Dance Habana. He studies and studies the classical modern dance, contemporary, traditional Cuban and Spanish dance.
After obtaining his diploma continues his career first as a dancer in the ballet of Cabaret Tropicana of Havana and then to the Show Macumba Havana.
Arrives in Italy in 2002 and joined the corps de ballet Restaurant Show "El niño de fuego" of the Marcelli Numana.

Since 2006theyare invited to the biggest events and Latin events in which both as a teachers and as a dancers.
Among the most important:
Salsa World Festival Rome (the largest Italian event of Latin dancing with participation of great artists of international renown)
Festival of Latin Maratea Stage and shows;
Conjunto Rumbero and Conjunto Salsero Organized by Ballilatini Stage and Shows
Latino festival of Gaeta Organized by Baila Conmigo Stage and Shows
Festival Mundial de la Salsa - Salsa Congress Sicilia Tower Norman Stage Entertainment
They personally created all the choreography of the shows, in collaboration with the dancer Najarra Wilmer Mora.
Currently give lessons in Latin-American dances and Cuban folkloric dances at the following schools
Academy of Latin American Ball IBU Akuaro of Mestre (VE)
Paraiso School of Dance Caribbean ANDRIA (BA)
School of Dance Village of Verona Bussolengo (VR)
School of Dance of Craal Ascoli Piceno

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Christophe Leroy Aude Latouche


Luis Zegarra (Peru-USA)
Luis Zegarra is no new comer to mambo in the New Jersey/New York area. He has taught most of the other mambo instructors working in New Jersey and is considered to be the most experienced instructor of the Garden State. He not only is a mambo instructor, but a choreographer, performer and promoter of mambo dance events. His very extensive resume includes performing for the Puerto Rican Day Parade, has performed in Italy, Japan, China, all Europeand Peru, has danced on stage with Gilberto Santa Rosa Edgar Joel, India, El Gran Combo, Jerry Rivera, Michael Stuart and Victor Manuelle to name a few. He has been featured in the "Somos Differentes" music video by Orquesta de la Luz, as mambo dancer in The movie Carlito´s Way With Al Pacino and has appeared on such T.V. shows as Sabado Al Medio Dia, Sabado 47, and has been the winner of many dance contests like the Sabado Gigante Salsa Dance Contest. He is known as the promoter of the Mambo Showdown events and is the director of the Fuerza Latina Dance Company.


Carlos Torres &
"Salsa Viva"

Special guests:

DJ Willy (France)
DJ Gaby

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