★ "Fonts Company" (Cuba/Italy)
- Maykel Fonts
- Andrea Campagna
- Vanessa Lacedonia
★ Nuno Furtado (Portugal)
★ Vanda Gameiro (Portugal)
★ Vito Ranieri (Italy)
★ Stefania Errede (Italy)
★ "Factoria de Baile"
- Gabryel Berlanga (Spain)
- Bego Collado (Spain)
★ Inaki Fernandez (Spain/Austria)
★ Beige Böjte (Austria)
★ Yoannis Tamayo (Cuba/France)
★ Ismaray Chacon (Cuba/Switzerland)


"Fonts Company" (Cuba/Italy)
Nuno Furtado & Vanda Gomeiro (Portugal)
Vito Ranieri & Stefania Errede (Italy)
"Factoria de Baile" (Spain)
Inaki Fernandez &  Beige Böjte (Spain/Austria)
Yoannis Tamayo & Ismaray Chacon (Cuba/France/Switzerland)
"Salsa Viva" (St.Petersburg, Russia)
"Sierra Maestra" (St.Petersburg, Russia)
★ "Solero" (St.Petersburg, Russia)
★ "Salsa Social" (St.Petersburg, Russia)
★ "Lavida Dance" (St.Petersburg, Russia)
Live music:

★ Jose Luis "El Gato" Moran (Venezuela)
★ Alexander Latin Band (Russia)


★ Henry Knowles (USA)
★ Toni (Switzerland)
★ Gaby (Spain)
★ Papa Peter (Germany)
★ Rafa (Cuba)
★ Denigo (Russia)
★ Asya (Russia)

★ Sonya (Russia)
★ Vadim (Russia)

...the list of the participants will be supplemented!

"Fonts Company" (Cuba / Italy)
- Maykel Fonts (Cuba)
- Davide Buffone (Italy)
- Giulia Setti (Italy)

Maykel Fonts, one of the most sought-after Afro-Cuban dancers, returns to New York City for a limited engagement of a series of workshops and performances starting on Wednesday, January 4th through Sunday, January 8th held at a variety of New York City dance studios. For those of you famiiar with Maykel you know him as one of the premiere dancers /artists of our generation. But if you have never seen him perform, or taken his classes, you are in for a singular experience!
Born and raised in Cuba, Maykel studied at Cubas prestigous Tropicana Dance School, where he trained in ballet, modern and contemporary dance, afro, rumba (Guaguanco, Yambù, Columbia).
In 2000 he moved to Italy with the group Ire Batа and studied with several teachers including Virgilio Pitzalis, Marco Macchetti, Steve LaChance, Gus Bemberry, Christopher Uggins, Chacalli, Paganini and many.Now, an acclaimed international dancer and instructor, Maykel will next be seen as a featured dancer in the movie Street Dance2.

Video: video1, video2

Nuno Furtado & Vanda Gomeiro (Portugal)

Video: video1, video2

Vito Ranieri & Stefania Errede (Italy)

Video: video1, video2

"Factoria de Baile" (Spain)
- Gabryel Berlanga
- Bego Collado

Video:  video1, video2
Inaki Fernandez &  Beige Böjte (Spain/Austria)

Video: video1, video2
Yoannis Tamayo & Ismaray Chacon (Cuba/France/Switzerland)

Video: video1, video2

Live music:

Jose Luis "El Gato" Moran (Venezuela)
Alexander Latin Band (Russia)


Henry Knowles (USA)

Henry Knowles, known as the  1 Salsa DJ around the world, is the DJs disc jockey, spinning that tension-building beat and filling dancers with animo. With la clave in his heart and the music in his veins, he carries his passion for Latin culture and music in his work. This very special disc jockeys mixing abilities are unmatched and respected worldwide. His breadth of knowledge about Salsa music and its history, his music library, and ability to read his audience while creating un ambiente caliente have made Henry the Salsa communitys most beloved disc jockey.
Henry tours the world, organizes his own events and has been working with the most important names in the Latin music industry promoting, as well as managing, some of the best salsa performers and salsa bands.
As the first official disc jockey for the Bacardi World Salsa Congress and the first world salsa congresses to ever be held around the world - Henry is the consummate professional with more than 20 years of experience catering to the serious Salsero.

Tony (Switzerland)

Antonio Casquino "Dj Toni", was raised around music, the sea, and humble people in his native Callao, Peru. Since his exposure to some of the greatest Mambo/Salsa tunes of all times, dancing was his passion. He then wanted other dancers to feel and enjoy the music the same way he did. This marked the beginning of his career as "DJ Toni".
DJ Tonis style varies from New York Salsa-Dura, Puerto Rican,Cuban and Old school 50s, 60s, 70s Mambo, Guaguanco, Son, but he is equally comfortable playing other genres. His signature is his amazing ability to read the crowd, knowing when to play the right salsa grooves and when to switch it up to other genres to keep the crowd pleased and entertained. He is a favourite among event organizers, dancers and music-lovers for his talents as a DJ, his integrity with his work and his sociability.

Gaby (Spain)
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